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Why the Lighthouse?

Feeling that sea breeze in your hair?

Our passion – and what we do every day – is to help guide businesses through today’s dense marketing “fog”. There is an overwhelming amount of information found under every conceivable Google search, and an endless list of marketing options - and opportunities - available in today’s increasingly digital age.


Our goal is to be a guiding light as we  develop a clear view of where our clients need to be, where their budget can be most effective and how to connect with today’s ever-evolving customers. 

Amy takes great pride in providing big-city, professional service with an air of small-town charm. She works throughout the areas surrounding Saint John, New Brunswick, with a home office near her hometown - the beautiful Village of St. Martins. This specific lighthouse design is intended to honour her rural roots from this quaint little gem along the incredible Fundy Coast.

This historic lighthouse at the St. Martins harbour is also home to the Village Tourist Information Centre.

It is also the ONLY place in the world where you can capture two covered bridges AND a lighthouse in one photo!

Photo Credit: William A Hall
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